What is the main message that the author is trying to tell us about life in The Book Thief?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Zusak does want to relay messages regarding death and hardship to his readers, but he also makes important messages about family, friends, and personal connections throughout the novel.  At the beginning of The Book Thief, the narrator Death gives background information on the protagonist Liesel Meminger.  Readers learn that Liesel can no longer be cared for by her parents, so she and her brother are given away to the Hubermanns.  Hans Hubermann loves the girl, but his wife Rosa treats Liesel with scorn.  However, over time, Rosa becomes affectionate towards Liesel and the family comes together.  Similarly, the Hubermanns risk their lives to hide Max because they believe that the Germans are cruel and that Max has the right to live.  So this element of personal connection is prominent in the novel and is a major message relayed by the author.

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