What are the main legal rights and obligations outlined for landlords and tenants of rental property?

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Landlord-Tenant laws are in place to govern the management of rental properties, and those regulations come from both contract and property laws. When someone occupies a property owned by someone else, the renter takes possession, but only temporarily, of that space. Rental properties include houses, apartments, and buildings.  How long a person can occupy the space, called “tenancy,” may be defined for a specific period of time, or it may an indefinite but renewable period of time. These short, undefined times are month-to-month leases. When a tenant takes temporary possession of a property, they have the right to restrict access to others.  The terms of landlord-tenant contract are commonly known as “rental agreements” or “leases.”

State law dictates what may, and may not be, included in a lease. There are some standards applicable to all leases; for example, the tenant is expected to enjoy a quiet enviorment without interference from the landloard. Another common...

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