What are the main key issues or issue of students who dropout of college? Write a paragraph that includes one sentence that uses a semicolon followed by a transition word, one instance of the past participle of "to know," in one correct sentence use of "whom," and "who," and one correct sentence of an indirect object and direct object, one correct sentence of passive voice sentence, use appositives and appositive phrases , prepositions phrases, adverbial & adjectival phrases, verbal phrases, dependent and independent clauses. 

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Including all of those grammar manipulations into the paragraph isn't that difficult. What is going to be difficult is using all of those manipulations in a paragraph that makes sense and is consistent in voice and tone.

As for tackling the content of the paragraph, I would consult a few sources in order to figure out some of the key factors that are causing college dropout rates to be at record highs. Cost is a leading cause of dropping out. This is probably a good reason to go with because you can include objective numbers. Saying that many college students claim "it just wasn't a good fit" is harder to objectively defend. It's also possible that students simply aren't managing the jump in difficulty from high school to college that well. GPA's drop, student confidence drops, and a student feels that college is simply too hard to complete.

You could start your paragraph with the word "although." This will take care of the dependent and independent clauses. "Although many students are attending college, an equally high number of students are dropping out." If your paragraph is focusing on the grade and GPA angle, you could have a sentence along the lines of "Teachers give students grades." That takes care of your direct and indirect objects. Alternatively, you could change that sentence into the passive voice. "Students are given poor grades." Follow that up with a rhetorical question. "Who is to blame?"

If your paragraph is going to focus on the psychological and emotional roller coaster that college students deal with, then you could have a sentence that is about counselling. "Students need to know whom to visit for emotional support. They simply can't stay in the dorms." The past participle of "to know" is "known." "If the student had known about that kind of support, then perhaps he/she would have been more successful; however, there is no evidence to support that."

A verbal is a verb form that acts as another part of speech. It acts as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb. Gerunds and infinitives are both types of verbals. You could talk about how college is not a sprint. It is more like a marathon, and students might not be ready for that marathon. "The goal of a college student is to finish the metaphorical marathon."

An appositive is a noun that follows and renames or identifies another noun. It is often set apart by commas. You could use an appositive phrase to introduce a quote that you plan on using for your paragraph. "John Smith, the head of WNAB, says the following about college dropout rates."

The only thing left at this point is the adjective phrase and adverbial phrase. An adverbial phrase occurs when two or more words play the role of an adverb. It can be used to tell people when something happens or how often. "College students have to study every day." An adjective phrase is a phrase that tells something about a noun. "College has unbelievably expensive tuition rates."

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