What are the main job responsibilities of a high school principal?

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Although the main responsibilities of a High School Principal vary from each school, one common goal always exists: the principals care most about the performance of the school and to see students living up to the expectations set for them. 

A high school principal will interact with their staff, as well as with students and parents. It is important for them to be a representative of their high school, so parents can be satisfied and happy with the type of institution their kids are enrolled in. A principal will also make sure that test scores for the students are improving, and the education provided continues to be at a high level.

The principal will often put emphasis also on student life. Although students will forever have complaints about the principal and school, no matter how great the education and institution may be, the principal will always assure the integrity of the school. Every principal will have their own style and way about doing so, but one of the main responsibilities is to keep the high school living up to its name. Any good principal would understand this. 

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There are many job responsibilities for a high school principal.  The specifics of the responsibilities will depend to some degree on the needs of each specific school.  In general, however, the principal is responsible for maintaining order in the school and for ensuring that the teachers are doing their jobs in terms of educating the students.

One of the main responsibilities of the principal is to maintain order and discipline in the school.  This means that the principal must create a system for ensuring that students are obeying the rules.  The principal must ensure that this system is performing properly and must deal with the students who violate the rules.

The other major responsibility of the principal is to ensure that the academic side of the school is functioning properly.  The principal must ensure that teachers are teaching the proper curriculum.  The principal is responsible for making sure that the teachers are using proper pedagogical techniques.  The principal is responsible for making sure that class time is being used properly.

These two main responsibilities are very broad.  There are many details that go into performing each of these jobs.  However, the basic responsibilities of the principal are to ensure that there is discipline as well as quality educational activities in the school.

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