And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie
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What are the main ideas for And Then There Were None Chapters IV - VII?

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Chapter 4 - The characters realize that their host knows a lot about them.   Each character explains what really happened to cause the death for which they are accused. Each character feels exonerated . The only character who would not speak was Ms. Brent. Ironically, Anthony Marston toasts to crime at the end of the chapter and dies.

Chapter 5: They determine that Anthony Marston was poisoned and remove his body to his room. They all retire to their rooms.  Justice Wargrave, General MacArthur, and Vera Claythorne all think about the murders they have been accused of committing. Mr. Rogers, the butler, notices that there are only nine china figures left on the table.

Chapter 6: Dr. Armstrong thinks about the death he caused and then is called to minister to Mrs. Rogers, who died during the night. Mrs. Brent says it was because she was guilty. The boat doesn't arrive to pick them up, and General MacArthur predicts that they will not leave the island. Mr. Rogers shows Dr. Armstrong that now there are only eight china figures.

Chapter 7: Vera Claythorne and Emily Brent walk the summit in search of the boat.  Emily tells her story, and Vera is shocked by her hardness. Dr. Armstrong and Philip Lombard take a walk and consider the possibility that the Rogers did kill Miss Brady by withholding medicine.  They discuss the missing china pieces and the poem "Ten Little Indians" . They discuss the meaning of Soldier Island and the name U.N.Owen (Unknown ---as in Unknown Soldier)   They decide to search the island for their host.

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