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by William Shakespeare

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Discuss "Sonnet 14" by William Shakespeare. [tone, form, theme, summary]

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The first half of Shakespeare’s sonnets were written for a young man with whom Shakespeare had a powerful relationship.  Some of these first seventeen sonnets try to convince the young man to marry and have children.  “Sonnet 14” addresses this subject.

The form of “Sonnet 14” is typical of the Shakespearean sonnets. It has fourteen  lines which can be divided into three quatrains with a rhyming couplet at the end.  The rhyme scheme follows the set pattern of ABABCDCDEFEFGG. The ninth line usually changes the focus of the sonnet. 

The tone of the poem displays a love and admiration for the young man.  The poet's reverence for this him  extends to comparing his eyes to the stars in the sky.  This love encompasses the idea that  the poet desires that the young man have a child in order to...

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