What is the main idea of the story, "The Leap"?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whenever the reader looks for the main idea, or theme, of a narrative, he should not exclude the title. "The Leap" has as its main idea the existential state of which Soren Kierkegaard wrote; namely, the leap of faith. The narrator's mother tells her, "As you fall, there is time to think," indicating that, indeed, there is a gap between what one knows and what one believes. The leap of faith is the person's willingness to put one's trust in what is not certain, only believed. Each time that the narrator's mother has leaped, or extended herself into the unknown, she has had faith in herself along with love in her heart; further she has been able to first rescue herself, then do an altruistic act. Her love has bridged the gap over which faith has leaped. 

Therefore, the main idea of the story "The Leap" is the power of love to bridge, or leap over, the threats and challenges to life and conquer them.

amysor | Student

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