What is the main idea for A Room of One's Own?A statement of the main idea of this piece would be most helpful.

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Woolf's purpose in A Room of One's Own is to explore the reasons why women are underrepresented in writing as a creative art.  The "room" that she describes is a metaphor for the "space" to which women do not have access that holds them back from participation in writing.  Woolf explores the sociopolitical and domestic landscapes of her time to show the restrictions placed on women barring them from access to writing as a creative art.  Few women writers at the time were able to move past these barriers and often their movement was the result of sheer luck and circumstance.  Woolf's main idea then is that these boundaries preventing women's participation in writing need to be deconstructed, allowing each women who desires to write "a room of [her] own."

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