What is the main idea in "Gorse Is Not People"?the fiction story is about a girl who is a dwarf called Naida.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This story of a dwarf who has been institutionalized is a sad and desperate tale of a child who grows up in a mental institution.  To get out she has to pass an “evaluation,” but she has not received the education she needs to pass the evaluation.  When Naida is going into town with the nurse she spots the gorse in the field and she is delighted with its freedom--it is free even though it doesn't have a birthday. She wants to be with the gorse, where she'll be free. She probably realizes at this point that she'll never be free. Her life will go on like this forever, as the last lines say, “like the brick puppetry that repeats itself forever but never builds, and the gorse that knows no season and the gorse is free because "gorse is not people."

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