What is the main idea of each paragraph in "How It Feels to Be Colored Me"?

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Paragraph 1: The one sentence paragraph also sets up the overall tone of Hurston's essay; she is unapologetic about both her identity and her heritage.  She will say later in the essay, in paragraph 6, that she is "not tragically colored."

2: Eatonville is a significant town in Florida because it was an all-black self-governing town.  The fact that Hurston does not realize she is colored is because of her childhood.  She really did not feel discrimination because she was surrounded by those who looked like her.  She only knew whites by those who traveled through her town on their way to, or from, Orlando.

3: This paragraph again shows Hurston's personality.  She uses words that are linked to the theater: the porch was a "gallery seat" for her to watch the drivers going through town; the "proscenium box" was a place closest to the front of the stage.  Hurston was a one-girl welcoming committee and asks that the "Miami Chamber of Commerce will please take notice."

4: Again, Hurston...

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