What is the main idea of chapter four of the novel The Friends?

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The fourth chapter of Rosa Guy's teen novel, The Friends, deals with the response of her family and relatives to Phyllisia's fight after school in Chapter Two. Cousin Frank and Mr. Charles were apparently invited to the Cathy's apartment to air their opinions on the subject. Mr. Charles is sympathetic to Phyllisia's predicament, and he argues for her in disagreement with the angry father, Calvin. Phyllisia believes the two came "to apologize for having neglected me"; Calvin, meanwhile, raves about how hard he works and how successful he has become. Mr. Charles eventually decides to leave, tired of arguing and the "big-shot" company. At the end of the chapter, the conversation switches to talk about Charles' wife, Annie, who has gone from "one doctor to the next." It is Ramona who asks about the doctor, and the question betrays her own ill health. 

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