What is the main idea in Chapter 3 of Elizabeth Speare's book Bronze Bow?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main idea in Chapter 3 is that Daniel must make a choice between continuing on with Rosh's renegade band in the mountains or returning to the burden of caring for his family at home.  In weighing his options, Daniel must consider the nature of freedom and of love as it is demonstrated by the people in both situations.  Daniel considers the life he has with Rosh as being free and purposeful, but since he has been given responsibility for the slave Samson, he has been feeling isolated and resentful.  Simon, a blacksmith with whom he used to work, also arrives and raises questions in his mind about his mentor's purity of heart.  Simon reveals that he often doesn't agreee with Rosh's methods, and criticizes Rosh's impugnity in commandeering supplies from local farmers.  Daniel feels stifled by the thought of returning to the mundane life of a tradesman and the family who needs his help so much, but the generosity with which they greet him on their return makes him feel a sense of obligation.  Daniel is truly torn between the responsibilities of home and the free, adventurous life he has found in the mountains.