What are the main figures of speech in ' The Blessed Damozel' by Dante Rossetti?

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The main figure of speech is ekphrasis, which is extended description. The poem tends to employ many similes, i.e. explicit comparisons signalled by the term "like", and a fair amount of hyperbole, i.e. overstatement used to give a sense of superlative. The religious symbolism functions as a series of allusion. Some of the internal speeches can be considered forms of apostrophe, or direct address.

Describing hair yellow as corn – simile.

Eyes deeper than water – hyperbole, or overstatement.

Day as 10 years – hyperbole

Souls like thin flames – simile

Strove-steps-side – alliteration

Speaking leaf: personification

spins like a midge – another simile

face … Nothing – possibly an anacolouthon


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