What are the main feminist criticisms of post-modern theory?

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I don't really think that there will be much in way of Postmodern criticism on the part of feminist theory.  I think this because Postmodernism envelops and covers feminist criticism.  Feminist criticism existed outside the norms of most intellectual movements before Postmodernism entered the discourse.  Part of the doubting of transcendent and supposedly certain conditions included assessing their validity on the ground of gender.  This ended up making feminist critique a valid part of the Postmodern mode of thought.  Feminist criticism of Postmodern thought would exist if any aspect of the thought failed to take into account the condition of women.  However, as an intellectual current, itself, Postmodernism incorporates or covers feminist theory and the assessment of ideas on gender grounds.  This makes Postmodern theory one of the strongest in terms of asserting feminist claims.  The main feminist critiques of Postmodernism would still represent Postmodernism, displaying a constant and consistent doubting of supposed authoritarian structures.


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