What are the main features of the periodic table ?

giorgiana1976 | Student
  • The elements that have like physical and chemical properties are found in vertical columns;
  • The vertical columns are called groups;
  • The vertical columns are numbered from 1 to 8;
  • Each number is followed by a letter: A or B
  • A groups contain main elements and B groups contain transition elements
  • The name of the horizontal row is period;
  • The period that contains only H and He has the number 1.
  • The properties of the elements divide the the periodic table in areas that are marked with different colors;
  • The elements of the periodic table belong to 3 groups: metals, nonmetals, metalloids;
  • Metalloids are located to the boundary between metals and nonmetals;
  • The elements located to the left end of the period, have a metallic character;
  • The properties of the elements from B (boron) to Te (tellurium) make difficult their classification (metals or nonmetals). 

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