What is the main feature of an informal meeting?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main feature of an informal meeting is that it is unplanned. In addition, the agenda and topic of discussion are not predetermined. The gathering and discussion occur in an impromptu manner and setup. Participants are not informed of specific details such as time, venue, agenda or any other requirements. The direction of an informal meeting can change because there is no guiding agenda. This provides an opportunity for discussing various topics in a general perspective because there are no specific results or outcomes expected. Since there are no expected outcomes, informal meetings do not require follow-up meetings to evaluate the results of previous meetings. In informal meetings, there is no single individual who is directly in charge of directing the meeting, as is the case for formal meetings, where the chairperson guides the agenda of the meeting.

kandi125 | Student

Main features of an informal meeting:

1. An informal meeting involves no preplanning, usually it is more impromptu. A) Because this form of meeting is unplanned, persons involved are not given advance notice of the upcoming meeting and are sometimes 'caught off guard' by some questions asked. B) The person leading the informal meeting does not necessarily have to be a leader or high-up executive or the group leader does not have to be present at this meeting because the meeting is not formal.

2. Additionally, informal meetings require less follow-up by way of written reports, memos, etc from persons involved.

3. This type of meeting usually occurs outside of a formal setting such as a restaurant. Furthermore, the persons involved may make verbal agreements without the legal backing of a contract/legal document.