What are the main featues of apocalyptic literature in the book of Revelation?

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I would say that one of the main features of apocalyptic literature that is present in the book of Revelation is the affirmation of judgment, salvation, and condemnation.  Apocalyptic literature is driven in large part by the assertion of a definite end and how individuals will be assessed by a higher power as a result.  The book of Revelation stresses this in its articulation of divine wrath, the "final combat between good and evil," and issues of divine judgment.  It speaks in terms where a definite end is evident and a condition in which judgment of the soul is understood.  

"Everlasting rewards" and eternal condemnation are intrinsic to the book of Revelation. This reflects apocalyptic literature's assertion that final events are definite and incapable of escape.  The book of Revelation stresses that "the clock ticks" in terms of how humans treat their relationship with the divine. This reflects apocalyptic literature's insistence that individuals must recognize that there is something larger around them, and their actions reflect being on the "right" side of this or the "wrong" side of it.  The book of Revelation emphasizes this, as well, reflecting a feature of the genre

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