What are the main factors of biosphere that influence life?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Do you really mean to say "biosphere?"  I ask because this is a very broad question since "biosphere" is usually taken to mean all the parts of Earth on which life can exist.  So we're talking about everything from deep-sea vents to polar ice caps.

It's also hard to know what you mean by factors that influence life...

What makes life possible is energy.  This energy is taken from the sun through various processes and passed through food chains to provide nutrition for every living thing on Earth.

Within different parts of the biosphere we have different kinds of zones called biomes that all have different types of life.  Different biomes are caused mainly by differences in climate.

If you could be more specific with your questions, you would get better answers...

giorgiana1976 | Student

The main factors influencing life are
 - Abiotic factors,
 - Biotic factors.
 - Anthropogenic factors

Abiotic factors are all lifeless inorganic and organic elements of  Biosphere (temperature, terrain, climate, soil humus, etc.). The major abiotic factors are given below.

Climatic factors

Determine adjustment, so the spreading, also limiting of the population, depending on climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation, winds blow, the intensity of sunlight, etc.).

Geographical factor

 Living environment for all organisms, is directly dependent on the geographical location of their area of development (latitude, longitude, altitude).

Orographic factor

This factor, is a geographical-climatic one, caused by climatic features, depending on terrain, especially altitude, but also on the slope inclination or slope exhibition.

Geological factor

Type of rock from the ground surface and especially from the depth, determines soil properties and therefore  plant development on account of which, directly or indirectly, all other living creatures are alive, including humans.

Edaphic factor

Factor characterizing the soil, in all its physical and chemical properties (pH, structure, texture, volume, etc..),having an overwhelming role for all food chains.

Biotic factors are  all organic elements endowed with   life of the Biosphere (bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, plants, insects, vertebrates, etc.) and mutual relationship established between them. The role of biotic factors is essential to all organisms and populations, for in isolation, they can not survive, even if they have the most favorable conditions offered by biotic factors. Thus, through biotic factors occurs  insect pollination, which ensure the perpetuation of many plant species. The existence of mushrooms - allow for many forests to exist, the optimum development of herbs leads to maintain herbivore animals, etc.

Anthropogenic factor

 In environment, is involved a very stressful and complex element, namely the anthropogenic factor, ie those determined by human activity. Human, through its activities affect, very pronounced and often negative, the entire biosphere. However, there were few cases in which, through human intervention (creation of protected areas, reforestation, rational exploitation of natural resources, etc.), Nature had won. Soon or later every man will have the task of repairing what was damaged, otherwise, its very existence is jeopardized.

versatilekamini | Student
Biosphere refers to that part of the earth in which all life forms exist.Different types of ecosystem of nature,constituting the giant ecosystem-the biosphere.These may be categorised as follows: 1.Natural ecosystems: These operate by themselves under natural conditions without any major interference by man.Based upon the particular kind of habitat,these are further divided as:1 terrestrial 2.aquatic: which may be further distinguised as: a) freshwater and b) marine 2. Artificial ecosystems: These are maintained artificially by man where,by addition of energy and planned manipulations,natural balance is disturbed regularly.

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