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The Robe is a 1942 Christian novel by Lloyd Douglas, a Lutheran minister and writer.  The Robe follows the story of Marcellus, an officer of the Roman army who participates in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. However, he is conflicted because he believes Jesus to be innocent.  

The main events of The Robe include Marcellus winning the robe of Jesus in a dice game among Roman soldiers.  At a gathering of Romans shortly afterward, Marcellus is goaded into wearing the robe, which upsets him deeply and provokes a mental collapse.

Marcellus is later restored to health by touching Jesus's robe. Consequently, he becomes a Christian and retraces Jesus's steps through the Roman province of Judea.  Marcellus's conversion displeases the emperor, Caligula, and Caligula orders Marcellus's execution.  The robe, at Marcellus's request, is ultimately passed on to Simon Peter, an early leader of the Christian church.

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