What are the main events that occur as part of the rising action in The Giver?

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If one considers the novel's climax to be the moment when Jonas witnesses his father lethally inject an infant and realizes that the term "release" is simply a euphemism for killing an individual, the following is a list of significant events that make up the rising action of the story:

1. Jonas's father brings a newchild named Gabriel home and Jonas notices that the infant has pale eyes like his, which is unique in Jonas's uniform community.

2. Jonas has a sexually arousing dream and his mother gives him pills to suppress the "Stirrings."

3. Jonas is named the community's next Receiver of Memory during the Ceremony of Twelve, which is a revered, enigmatic position in his community.

4. The Giver transmits the first memory of a sled ride down a snowy hill to Jonas on their first day of training.

5. After training with the Giver, Jonas accidentally transmits the peaceful memory of a sailboat to Gabriel, which calms him down and puts him to sleep.

6. The Giver transmits the traumatic memory of war to...

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