What are the main events in the text, "High and Lifted Up", by Mike Krath?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

High and Lifted Up is a short story written by Mike Krath. There are a couple of main events within the text. The first main event is that it is a very windy day. Knowing that is a windy day, sets up the events for the rest of the story.

Tommy Pennington goes out to play and imagines himself as a leaf. The leaves are all flying around. Tommy uses him imagination and has conversations with the leaves. They are flying high and Tommy has to decide which path he will take. Will he take the path to the dump? Will he take the path that lets him fly high above and have a great view on things? The path he decides to take will lead to danger. There is a fire at the dump and that is where he is heading. 

The story is really a story about choices and the path each choice will lead you down. It is a story about life in general, as well. Everyone will have to make choices in life. Which paths are they going to lead you down?