What are the main events of Stave 4 in "A Christmas Carol?"

Expert Answers
pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stave IV is the visit of the last spirit, the Ghost of Christmas yet to come.  Unlike the other spirits, this ghost does not speak and is shrouded in all black.

As the ghost takes him through the town, the two pass people talking of a funeral, which will be cheap because the deceased was so cheap. They also pass women at a pawn shop selling items stolen off the dead man's body.  As the women produce stolen spoons, curtains, and even the dead man's shirt, Scrooge recognizes it as his.

Scrooge wonders if anyone feels remorse for the death, but finds only a happy couple who owed the dead man money and are now ecstatic to be relieved of the debt.  He finds the Cratchit house upset, but it is over the loss of their Tiny Tim.  Finally, he asks to be taken to see who the dead man is.  His suspensions are confirmed when he sees his name on the grave.  He awakes as he is pleading and asking if he has enough time to change and be a better man.