What are the main events in chapter ten of The Lord of the Flies?

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The boys are just recovering from the horrific storm and the murder of Simon when they get back to the platform. Ralph and Piggy find that the only boys left who are loyal to Ralph and the conch are Piggy, Samneric and some littluns. 

Ralph and Piggy take some time to talk about what happened and Piggy tries desperately to make it seem like an accident but Ralph knows that they knowingly killed Simon. He even cries about how badly he wants to go home and mentions that he is "frightened of us," indicating that he too sees the evil inside of each of them.

On the other side of the island, Jack has tightened his grip on the hunters and they've readied the big rock high above the pathway to act as a defense. They are preparing to beat one boy for being disobedient. They realize they are going to have to steal the means to make a fire and plan to do so that night.

In the middle of the night, Jack and his hunters attack Ralph and Piggy and the boys on the beach and steal Piggy's glasses while, in the confusion, Piggy and Ralph and Samneric actually attack each other.