What are the main events in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott?

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The four March daughters begin the book by grumbling about their lack of money for Christmas presents. Rather than continue to bemoan their family's fortune, they decide to spend all their money on Marmee, their mother, and shower her with gifts for the holiday. Soon after, they meet Laurie, their neighbor's grandson, who they've admired from afar, and he becomes almost like one of the family. One night, Laurie and Mr. Brooke, his tutor, take Jo and Meg to the theater, and Amy is upset that she cannot go. She and Jo argue and while Jo is gone, Amy burns the book Jo's been working on for a very long time. Jo does not accept Amy's apology until Amy almost drowns in the frozen river when Jo and Laurie go skating. Mr. Brooke keeps Meg's glove, a gesture that shows he likes her.

When Marmee goes to Washington to care for the injured Mr. March, Beth attempts to care for the poor Hummels in Marmee's absence. However, she contracts scarlet fever, a disease that -- although she recovers --...

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