I need a  bulleted list of the main events in Great Expectations, including the climax and falling action.

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Jen Sambdman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I teach the NexText version so I may be missing a BUNCH since it is a shortened, simplified account:

  • Pip meets convict
  • Pip goes to Satis - meets Estella, MH
  • Pip meets convict again at the bar
  • Convict gives him shilling wrapped in pound notes
  • Joe meets MH
  • Orlick is introduced
  • Mrs. Joe is attacked
  • Orlick's feelings for Biddy are known
  • Pip is contacted about his benefactor and rules are given
  • Pip goes to London
  • Pip re-meets Herbert Pocket
  • Joe embarasses Pip when he visits
  • Mrs. Joe dies
  • Pip has Wemmick give money to Herbert
  • Estella and MH argument
  • The convict (Magwitch) appears and reveals his background and that he is Pip's benefactor
  • Pip accuses MH of leading him on about Estella and the benefactorship. He asks her to give money to Herbert
  • Pip and Herbert plan to help Magwitch
  • Dinner at Jaggers's house - Estella's mom
  • Magwitch announced as Estella's dad
  • Pip lured to the marshes by Orlick so he can kill Pip
  • Magwitch is captured
  • Pip plans to ask Biddy to marry him
  • Pip and Estella meet up at the end and go seperate ways

I hope that was helpful. I reiterate that I teach the shortened version of this novel so there may be some details that I dont remember from the actual novel.

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