What is the main event in Chapter 2 of Seedfolks?

Expert Answers

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The main event that takes place in Chapter 2 is when Ana discovers Kim's beans that she buried in the lot on Gibb Street.

At the beginning of the chapter, Ana, an older woman, looks out of her window to see a dark-haired girl hiding something behind an old refrigerator in the lot on Gibb Street. Ana becomes suspicious and initially believes the girl is burying drugs, a gun, or money. Instead of calling the police, Ana decides to solve the mystery herself. One day, Ana travels down to the lot on Gibb Street and begins to dig up the soil in the same location that the girl seemed to be burying something. Instead of finding something illicit, Ana ends up digging up two beans which had sprouted roots. She feels terrible about digging up the girl's beans and covers them with soil again.

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