What are the main events in "Romeo and Juliet" and what time did each happen?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Day One:  Dawn.  The servants of the families fight.  The Prince warns punishment.  Romeo complains about Rosaline.

Mid-day.  Juliet's mother tells her that Paris would like to marry her.

Evening.  Romeo and friends gather, then go to the Capulet party.  Romeo and Juliet meet.

Late Night.  Romeo breaks into Juliet's garden.  The lovers agree to marry.

Day Two:  Dawn.  Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence to plan wedding. 

Mid-morning.  Mercutio and Benvolio makes jokes with the Nurse.

Noon.  Juliet is told by the Nurse of the arrangements.

Afternoon.  Juliet and Romeo are married.

Later Afternoon.  Tybalt meets Romeo tries to fight him.  Romeo resists.  Mercutio takes up the fight and is killed.  Romeo kills Tybalt.  Shortly after, Juliet is told, and she bids that Romeo come to her that night.

Evening.  Romeo fiinds out he's been banished.  Capulet decides that Juliet will marry Paris.

Day Three: Dawn.  Romeo and Juliet say goodbye in Juliet's room.  Juliet is told of Paris.

Mid-Day.  The Friar helps Juliet make up the plan to fake her death.

Late Day. Juliet takes potion.

Day Four: 3 am. Juliet's body is found.

Mid-Day.  Romeo learns Juliet is dead.  Gets Poison

Night.  Romeo kills Paris, kills himself, and Juliet awakes and kills herself.  Bodies are found by the families.