What is the main event in Chapter 5 of "The Bronze Bow"?

Expert Answers
Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The turning point for Daniel in Chapter 5 is his realization of Rosh's selfishness and disregard for both his followers and the people he is supposedly protecting and liberating.

Rosh sends Daniel on an espionage mission, thinking that his friendship with Joel and Thacia might enable Daniel to glean information from their powerful father, Rabbi Herzon.  However, Rosh gives Daniel nothing in order to get what he wants:  no food, no money, no plan. 

On the way, Daniel overhears Jesus speaking to his throngs of followers.  He cannot help but notice how Jesus cares for the people, not only their spiritual needs, but also their bodily ones.  The contrast between the cruelty of Rosh and the gentleness of Jesus is startling.

Later, as Daniel succeeds in gaining entry to the Rabbi's home, he also understands how the power of Jewish law is as flawed as Rosh's belief in force.  It is the beginning of Daniel's journey to understanding that "only love can bend the bow of bronze."