What are the main differences between the book and the movie? What are the little differences between the book and the movie?

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If you're talking about the 1953 Disney animated version, then the differences between the two works are largely minimal as far as faithfulness to the letter of the text goes. For example, in the book, Wendy insists on Peter taking "his medicine." Hook, learning of this, poisons the "medicine" to kill Peter. In the film, this is changed to Hook sending Peter a bomb in a gift-wrapped box, which is made to look like it's a present from Wendy. In both cases, Tinkerbell risks her life to save Peter. The fate of Captain Hook in the Disney movie is another big change from the book. In the book, the crocodile eats Hook. In the movie, Hook is chased by the crocodile and essentially forced away from Neverland, but he is not killed.

However, the themes of the need to grow up and the emotional anguish of the Darling parents when they realize their children are gone are eliminated from the Disney version. The film is...

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