What is the main difference between Night and Dawn?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the main difference between both works is that one is a narrative of what happens during the Holocaust and the other one deals with the implications of consciousness after it.  The premise of Night is Eliezer's struggle to survive in the midst of absolute horror.  The ending of the narrative is Eliezer surviving, staring in the mirror with the incapability to recognize the figure staring back at him.  In Dawn, the focus is more along the lines of how the survivor deals with the anger and hatred that results when considering what happened during the Holocaust.  Elisha's involvement in a terrorist organization whereby murder of those in the position of power over atrocities committed.  In this case, Elisha is discharged with the killing of Dawson, a British officer.  In such a narrative, Wiesel is exploring the psychological implications of the post- Holocaust emotions that envelop the individual.  This would include anger, regret, revenge, as well as how the role of violence is a part of the post- Holocaust narrative.  In this, the scope and focus of Dawn is different than that of Night.