Culture and Imperialism Questions and Answers
by Edward W. Said

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What is the main crux of Edward Said's introduction to Culture and Imperialism?  

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This novel represents an advance in Said's thinking from his initial work Orientalism, which is a text prized by postcolonialists. I will highlight some of the main ideas, but obviously reading through it yourself is what is most important.

Said identifies a series of assumptions that are made by the West about the Orient. Said himself is Palestinian, and he identifies a series of assumptions that the West makes about Arabs: they are irrational, anti-Western, menacing and dishonest. He explores how these assumptions are constructed in opposition to what the West thinks about themselves, and therefore defines this projected image of "Arabs" in the mind of Westerners as the other - we define the other...

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I can only answer this question when contacted through mazharenglish at Skype, MSN or G Talk, for I have several written and ready-made literary papers that I don't publish online. However, this above hoax-teacher does not know that it is a critical study, rathern than a "novel".