What are the main criteria for promotion of staff in a company?

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The criteria for a promotion varies from company to company. Typically, though, it is based heavily on an employee's performance in their current position and whether they demonstrate readiness for a position with additional responsibilities.

To determine promotions, a company will typically review:

  • Attendance. An employee must be at work and punctual, at a minimum, to be considered for a promotion.
  • Performance. Does the employee meet their job responsibilities in a timely manner? Past performance reviews will indicate how an employee is doing in terms of their job responsibilities. If uncertain, an employee should seek feedback from their manager.
  • Attitude. Is the employee easy to work with? Though this is less quantifiable, it is essential. Does the employee work well with other employees and managers?
  • Leadership abilities. Does the employee show an aptitude for leadership? Do they learn quickly and adapt to new responsibilities? How do they respond to challenges? Do they accept and integrate feedback?

Companies may also have minimum educational requirements and minimum seniority requirements for a given position.

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