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What were the main consequences of the policy of apartheid in South Africa?

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Apartheid was a terrible injustice.  As with our enforced racism in the United States, apartheid stifles society.  It leads to a country at war with itself, where there are two groups of different worth.  The second group will always drag down the first, so it benefits no one.

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I would argue that the main consequence of apartheid are the problems that South Africa faces today.

The first of these is growing tension between the races.  The African National Congress, in particular, feels that any criticism of it is racist.  This is, in part, the legacy of apartheid.  Blacks today continue to feel resentment towards the whites because of the way they were treated during the apartheid era.

A second problem is the lack of education, good housing and other such things in the black community.  The apartheid system kept blacks so far down that it is not easy for them to climb up to the standards needed in a "First World" economy.  Because blacks are the great majority of South Africa's population, the economy as a whole suffers due to the lack of skills and education on the part of many blacks.

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