What are the main conflicts that Salieri has in Amadeus?Explain his external conflict of man vs. man.

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Salieri's main conflict is with himself because he can't get past his envy and feelings of inadequacy when comparing himself to Mozart. This then leads him to a perceived conflict with Mozart, the man vs. man conflict. Salieri wants to be famous, rising above mediocrity, but in the end, he can't. He declares war on God as well, feeling that God is making fun of him "through his preferred Creature--Mozart. . . in the waging of which, of course, the Creature had to be destroyed."  He decides if he can't be famous, then he will be infamous, known for his bad deeds rather than for his music. At least he will be immortal, and when people "say Mozart with love, they will say Salieri with loathing. . ." His attempt at immortality fails when his attempt at suicide fails. No one will then believe his false confession.