What areĀ five conflicts in "A Worn Path"?

Expert Answers
janeyb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As I've noted in other questions asked about "main conflict" in stories, I've always found that its easiest to deem the answers when looking at the Themes of a novel. The theme will tell you what the characters had to overcome, what the author is trying to get across. The themes for A worn Path include Race and Racism, Duty and Responsibility, Guilt, and Resurrection. Now to come up with the conflicts, think about why that is a theme, and what it meant to the story. For instance, with Race and Racism as a theme, you know that the main character Phoenix in this case, had to deal with it, and in this case it hampered her ability to continue with her journey-thus, racism (or the white hunter and his subtle racism) is a main conflict in the story. In Duty and Responsibility think about why Phoenix is walking into town with her bad eyesight, etc... to get medicine for her grandson. As you can see, using the themes is a great way to get to the main conflicts of a story.