What are the main conflicts in the Sense and Sensibility? Please give 5 examples.

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In literature there are two main types of conflict: internal (sometimes called psychological) and external. In Sense and Sensibility, we see both types of conflict at play.

External conflicts exist between characters such as Elinor and Edward, Elinor and Lucy, Marianne and Colonel Brandon, and so on. Internal conflict is evident within Elinor as she wrestles with the divide between her head and her heart, so to speak.

Though social conflict is the primary framework Austen used, it can be argued that it is merely a front. Austen brilliantly used the constructs of her own society as a literary tool to highlight the theme and underlying conflict of her story, that is, the dichotomy of sense (what is felt) and sensibility (what ought to be felt as determined by logic). All other conflicts in the story emerge out of this primary conflict.

The first most obvious conflict is social conflict. People are judged based on wealth and social status and even marriage is determined by one's social...

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