What are the main conflicts in "The Most Dangerous Game"?  

Sanger Rainsford experiences two major conflicts in “The Most Dangerous Game.” Rainsford experiences a man vs man conflict as he struggles to survive and beat General Zaroff at his hunting “game.” Rainsford also experiences man vs self conflict as he is forced to reconsider his stance on the morality of taking a life.

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There are two types of conflicts: internal and external. External conflicts are the events that happen outside of us, and internal conflicts are the emotional responses and or choices we have to make internally. But these conflicts are not separate from each other. They work together.

Think about it this way: humans have emotions, emotions create conflict, and conflict drives a story. Humans don't experience random emotions; emotions are always tied to an external experience. Therefore, any conflict must have both types that directly connect, however, this could be interpreted in many ways depending on the emotion/choice you wish to argue.

Here are the main conflicts in the story.

  • Internal: Rainsford vs. hubris—Rainsford's excessive pride foreshadows what is to come because he does not care about the animals he hunts. He believes he has the right to kill anything he pleases so long as he can outwit it. He quickly becomes humbled when Zaroff proposes they play his game.
  • External: Rainsford vs....

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