What is the main conflict in the story, "Raymond's Run"?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hazel is the protagonist of this story and the conflict that drives the story is Hazel's conflict vs. herself.  She is confident and self-assured, but at the same time, she has a strong need to prove herself.  She has been teased and alienated by many of her schoolmates, and she constantly needs to show how strong she is.  However, when she comes face to face with Gretchen, Hazel starts to change.  She respects Gretchen, starting to see in her some of the same strengeth she has in herself.  Then, when running the race, Hazel notices Raymond, her mentally disabled younger brother, cheering her on and climbing the face.  She starts to see strength in him, too.  Suddenly, it does not matter so much to Hazel is she wins.  She even fantasies about leaving running behind and becoming Raymond's coach.  The result of the conflict is that Hazel is able to better appreciate people around her and to be comfortable with her own strength, not needing to "show off."

lbaena12 | Student

I believe the mnost important conflict in Raymond's race is the conflict between Squeaky and herself, that is because she is confident about her capacities regarding what she likes the most to do: run; but at the same time she has to go to prove herself to others, which is the way where she expects to gain some respect from the others. I also believe there is a conflict where she doesn't appreciate people that surround her and instead she criticizes everybody, not letting the good part of the person to be noticed.

mishaal15 | Student

The main conflict in the story “Raymond’s run” is Squeaky against herself. She is confident, but at the same time, she has a strong need to prove herself to others and she doesn’t realize about others around her.