What is the main conflict that Katniss in the Hunger Games book must face ?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many conflicts in the Hunger Games. This is one of the reasons why it is a genuine pager-turner. 

At first the main conflict of the book is her survival in the games itself. As she represents her district, she has to survive. Within this context, she has to battle others, the elements, and even her own sense of what is right and wrong. In a dystopian world, inner conflicts always exist. 

There is also a conflict in her feeling between Gale and Peeta. Whom does she really love? 

On a broader level there is a conflict with the Capitol city. Katniss realizes more and more that the Capitol is evil and that she and other need to overcome it. Here is a quote that show this point:

Listen up. You're in trouble. Word is the Capitol's furious about you showing them up in the arena. The one thing they can't stand is being laughed at and they're the joke of Panem.

To be more specific, she also have a conflict with president Snow. 

mlhamilton eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many writers and editors may tell you that conflict is the key to good drama and the Hunger Games is filled with conflict!

But here we want to focus on the MAIN conflict for Katniss throughout the course of the books. 

Throughout the three books, she faces quite a few challenges in quite a few situations and settings, so what is the constant throughout all of those? The constant is Katniss.

The true drama (conflict) of the book is Katniss dealing with balancing her own self-doubt and her extraordinary abilities.

These books were written with a younger audience in mind, a younger audience that is dealing with figuring out who they are while they are being pulled in several directions, by their families, friends, and educators.

Katniss is facing a similar journey, she needs to determine what she wants for herself, while her family has their expectations. Her friends have their expectations. And her mentors have their expectations of her.