What is the main conflict and solution of the book Crispin: The Cross of Lead, by Avi?

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Crispin: The Cross of Leadis set during feudal times. Crispin, Asta's son, does not know who is father is, and his mother dies, leaving him only a cross made of lead. He is told his name is Crispin; he has not known this before. Crispin is accused of theft, and becomes a fugitive. He also becomes a traveling performer with an entertainer named Bear. Crispin finds out that he is actually the son of Lord Furnival, and therefore has a claim to Furnival's wealth. This is the main conflict of the novel--Crispin is the illegitimate son of the Lord, and everyone of that house wants him dead. When Bear and Crispin are captured, Crispin negotiates their freedom by handing over the cross that proves who he is. Aycliffe, the main villain, does not honor the pact, but is killed during a fight with Bear, and Crispin and Bear go free. Crispin forfeits his heritage as Lord Furnival's son, but is free.

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