What is the main conflict in "Roman Fever"?

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The main conflict in the story is person versus person, or more specifically, woman versus woman.

In the story, Mrs. Alida Slade and Mrs. Grace Ansley are rivals. In modern terms, we would call both women "frenemies." A frenemy is a portmanteau of the words "friend" and "enemy." Essentially, a frenemy is someone we are friendly with, despite our fundamental dislike for this person.

When we read the story, we realize that neither Alida nor Grace harbor much real affection for each other. Rather, their continued acquaintance is only facilitated by the fact that both are widows. Both women also believe that they have (in their own ways) outsmarted the other. While Alida triumphs over the fact that she was the one the charismatic Delphin married, Grace exults in the fact that her short...

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