What is the Main Conflict in Little Women?

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In the book Little Women Mrs. Marsh's husband is away at war and the family must depend on help and live very poorly.  The girl's are very helpful and get along pretty well.  They put on plays and engage in fun activities with one another.

The main conflict that I see is that the girls are having difficulty socializing when they are poor.  Some others may identify the conflict as being, the family having to move in and be under the support of an aunt due to the husband's being sent off to war.

The book has a lot of little conflicts and resolutions through out which makes it interesting.

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The conflict between self and desire. Jo desperately wants to be respected for her work as an author and wants to live her life the way she feels is fair. She is caught up in the expectations of society and what she knows her family expects of her. She does not want to disappoint those that she loves, but does not want to sacrifice her beliefs.