What is the main conflict in The Fault in Our Stars?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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The main conflict in The Fault In Our Stars concerns Hazel Lancaster's inner struggle to come to terms with her terminal form of cancer and the possibility of dying young.  To this end, she attends Cancer Support Group, which she secretly loathes but continues to visit because it makes her parents feel better about how she is coping with her illness.  When she meets Augustus Waters at one of the meetings, his positive and unique outlook influences her perspective on her situation.  Ultimately, when Augustus dies, Hazel is left alone at the end of the novel, but realizes that although she can not control her circumstances, she can make her own decisions and choices. 

maria-vivanco | Student

God. I love this book. The conflict in this book is both internal and physical. The internal conflict that Hazel has is come to terms with her cancer. Her conflict is to also trust herself with others. She believes she is "a bomb" which means that she wants the best to not get close to people so her death won't cause many people hurt. This is why she doesn't want to get close to Augustus. However, Augustus is a the bomb. He's the one that sick (well fatally sick, like on the verge of dying sick.) She slowly starts to open up to him and lets herself love. The main conflict is that Augustus is dying (I mean obviously) and they won't be able to be together. 

Throughout the book, she is very childish, she complains and looks down on everything .However Augustus comes into her life and she starts seeing things different. And when he dies, she realizes she's alone and she has to make her own decisions and its HER life.

greatdanes | Student

These r good but what is the solution for her coming to terms with her cancer  and also having some trust with others