What is the main conflict in Homesick my own story?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main conflict in Homesick: My own story is reality versus expectations and the expectations of a reality.

Jean Fritz wrote this story while she grew up as a member of a family of missionaries in China in the very turbulent 1920's- a time when the whole world was in intense turmoil.

As if the society and culture of China aren't challenging enough to understand, Jean is also struggling with growing up, and with the loss of her younger sister. She then begins to create an image in her mind of when she moves to America- the country she has never seen.  Hence, she begins to form images and ideas (expectations) in her head on what life would be like there.

In the process of the story,there are many mini stories and profiles, descriptions, and historical contexts that help the reader identify the narrator's conflict. Yet, we also rejoice when she finally moves to America and her life is less chaotic.



aurora101 | Student

Jean wants to go to America where she belongs but the crazy war in China is slowing her down from doing that.

applebit | Student

The main conflict is that Jean wants to be in the country of her dreams but she is in China taking British school when there is agitation.

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