What is the main conflict in Coraline?

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I would argue that the main conflict in this excellent novel is actually that of many novels, as the powers of good and the powers of evil are shown to be pitted against each other. This novel is very reminiscent of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, where two girls find that curiosity gets the better of them and that as a result they are trapped in a different world that they have to find their way out of and to try and restore normal life.

Let us consider for one moment the way that the other fantasy world that Coraline enters is described. The key note that indicates there is something wrong with this world is the reference to the eerie button eyes of Coraline's fake mother and father, and the way that they try and convince and persuade her to stay with them and exchange her own eyes for a set of button eyes. The power of evil is therefore symbolised in these button eyes and in the fantasy world that this fake mother creates. Ranged against this power is the innocence and goodness of Coraline as she battles and fights to find her real parents and return to her normal world.

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the main conflict in coraline is that the other mother wanted coraline to sew buttons into her eyes and live with her forever so they can be happ....later she finds out that the other mother has decieved other people and now they're dead. she just wants to eat them. throughout the story corlaine ventures to save her parent s through life threatening situations but she does have a happy ending. so in all the main conflict is the other mother wants coraline's eyes and to eat her