What is the main conflict in The Bronze Bow?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main conflict is between Daniel and the Romans.

A conflict is a struggle between opposing forces.  This can be between two characters, between a character and his or her self, or between a character and the setting.  In this case, Daniel’s conflict with the Romans is based on his condition as a slave and their killing of his family.

Daniel faces internal conflicts when he can’t decide whether to follow Rosh or Jesus.  He wants to be the one to fight for his family, but he also wants change.

Jesus is a calming and focusing influence on Daniel.  He helps give him something positive to focus on, rather than relying on the negative.

When Jesus asks Daniel what he vowed, he responds.

“To fight!”  Daniel stopped…trying to remember the exact words they had spoken…. “To live and to die for God’s victory.” (Ch. 21, p. 226)

Jesus responds that this is not a vow of hate.  He sees potential in David.  He knows that there is instability everywhere, and conflict everywhere, but violence and anger is not the answer.

amysor | Student

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