What is the main conflict in Amadeus?

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On the face of it, the main conflict of Amadeus is between the musical abilities of the composers Salieri and Mozart. Salieri has devoted his life to music and risen to the rank of court composer. He is highly respected and has established a solid reputation in his field. Mozart is a former child-prodigy who blazes into the music scene in Vienna and rapidly becomes the emperor's favorite composer, destabilizing the career Salieri has worked so hard to build.

When Salieri introduces Mozart, he recounts Mozart's childhood as a "wunderkind" who toured the courts of Europe, astonishing everyone with his talents. Mozart's father, Leopold, devoted himself to nurturing his son's genius. Salieri's own father, by contrast, had no interest in Salieri's talent, and it wasn't until he died that Salieri was able to pursue studies and later a career in music. Mozart was thus provided from birth with opportunities to develop his talent that Salieri had to wait and work hard to achieve.

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