What are the main types of pesticides?

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Pesticides are substances which are used for preventing unwanted organism or pest in a certain area where growth is administered. Such pests includes weeds, herbs, mammals, fish, nematodes, microbes, , insects, birds, and algae.

Types of pesticides are derived from the particular pests to be eliminated. Herbicides are used to kill unwanted weeds and herbs that compete for nutrient with crops. Insecticides are used for insects that destroy plants and other resources; fungicide for fungi which grows proliferative on walls, tree barks and other moist places; and bactericides which include antiseptics and disinfectants.

In terms on how pesticides were made, they are group whether it is chemical or biological pesticides. Chemical pesticides are those chemicals synthesize from the laboratories under series of tests and experimentations. Biopesticides on the other hand are derived from natural materials.

In terms of pest types, here are some examples of pesticides available:

Algaecides, Repellents, Rodenticides, Antifouling agents, Antimicrobials, Attractants

Biopesticides, Disinfectants, sanitizers, Fungicides, Fumigants, Herbicides, Microbial pesticides, Insecticides, Miticides , Molluscicides, Nematicides, Ovicides (egg pesticides), Pheromones,




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