What are the main components of post-colonial theatre?  I am trying to relate the play The Island to post-colonial theatre, but I am having trouble finding an actual definition of post-colonial theatre or even aspects of it. 

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Post-Colonialism means 'after colonialism'. Post-colonial literature is literature written after the decolonisation of countries that were formally colonies bigger empires (other countries, such as France, and the United Kingdom). Algeria was a colony of France, India was a colony Britain. Literatures concerning the after-effects of colonialism on these countries are post-colonial literatures.

The Island is a South-African play. South-Africa is an ex British colony. You need to contextualise your essay according to this.

I am not familliar with this play so unfrotunately I cannot give you a tailord answer. However the following are key features of Post-Colonial literature:

> Passing mixed race woman passing for white.

> discourse - decolonising language, using native discourse

> decolonisation - decolonising the mind. So your thinking isn't based on white (colonial) ideology.

> Rewriting history.

> Diaspora -for example postcolonial diasporas in 'white countries'.

> Hybridity - a hybrid language/hybrid identity.

> Mimicry - the idea of the mimic man should mainly be used when talking about Indian literature.

> Orientalism  - orient identities are key in forming western identities. The Occident can only be superior if the Orient is made inferior.

> Othering



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