What are the main characters of the story Summer of My German Soldier?

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Although Patty Bergen is the narrator and main character in Summer of My German Soldier, there are several other important characters in the novel.

PATTY BERGEN.  The narrator and protagonist of the novel, Patty is a young Jewish girl living in Jenkinsville, Arkansas. A lonely outcast (primarily because of her religion), Patty befriends and then hides a German POW who has escaped from the local prison camp. When it is discovered that she harbored the fugitive, she is sent to a juvenile prison.

FREDERICK ANTON REIKER.  An English-speaking German POW, Anton escapes from the local prison camp and hides in Patty's garage. He eventually manages to escape, but is later killed in New York City.  

MR. BERGEN.  Patty's father owns a local general store. He is a strict father, estranged from his own parents, and he beats Patty on occasion.

RUTH.  Ruth is the Bergen family's Negro maid and always a friend to Patty. Often outspoken, Ruth makes the long trip to visit Patty in prison, bringing her fried chicken.

CHARLENE MADLEE.  A Memphis reporter, Charlene covers the escape of Anton Reiker and, later, Patty's trial, befriending Patty in the process. She gives Patty a subscription to her paper and visits her in prison.


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